Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge

Gratitude Challenge. 


Okay Parents. As you can sense from the pumpkin spice wafting in the air, we are approaching October which leads straight into the holiday season. This time of year typically stirs up plenty of emotions in all of us. Whether you are excited or slightly anxious about approaching the holiday season, we want encourage you to really consider the importance of thankfulness. 

1 Thessalonians 5:18 instructs us to give thanks in all circumstances. It even goes as far as to say that this is the will of God for our lives! So this means, even when the calendar is full, even when the kids might be getting a little under your skin, even when it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day… let’s remember to give thanks. 

We’re firm believers that giving thanks is a habit that we can cultivate in our lives. Like most habits, it isn’t initially our natural or first response, but over time with repeated behaviors, habits can be formed. We have many habits in our lives that are more subconscious than we realize. The way we drive to work, the amount of time spent on our phones, kid’s bedtime routines, etc. These are all examples of habits that have been created through repeated behaviors over time. 

Phones are probably the easiest example to point to, since for many of us, they are integrated in the very fabric of our daily lives, from work to entertainment, it can feel unnatural to not have our phone on us. Have you ever forgotten your phone in your car, or at home, and had to go to an appointment and wait in the lobby without your phone? It sort of feels….unnatural, right? 

What we want thankfulness to be THE natural response for both ourselves and our children. However, this won’t come by happenstance, it can only be cultivated through repeated behaviors.

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Because we’re passionate about instilling the virtue of thankfulness into Christian families, we decided to make a little challenge to help. This is an easy one! We made a list of 30 questions to discuss with your family in regards to thankfulness. Whenever you have a few moments where the whole family is together (like…dinner for example), simply ask one question a day for 30 days. Let each member of the family answer and then guide the conversation from there. We believe just a few minutes a day, over the course of several days, can really instill an attitude of thankfulness for you and your family. And hey, if you like it, do it AGAIN the following 30 days. You can keep this going all through the holiday season! 

Remember, we are Christians. We don’t respond and live the way the world does. The world gets bitter and inwardly focused, but let that not be said of us! Let us lead the way with thankfulness. If you think this is a good idea, feel free to share with your friends and family! We look forward to hearing about the great stories that come from your holiday season of thankfulness. 


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